Keiji Miyagawa, President & CEO, Founder
Since December 1995 when he founded PRAG in San Francisco, he has assisted many US start-up and turnaround companies to grow by providing capital and executing marketing strategy. ---- They are Archetype Interactive (acquired by the 3DO in May, 1996), (invested by Dai Nippon Printing in April, 1997 and completed an IPO in August, 1999), Access Authority (local revenue in Japan reached US $ 30 million every year during1996-1998) and The Big Network (invested by Draper Richards L.P. in April, 1999 and acquired by eUniverse in August, 1999).  Before founding PRAG, he underwrote 15 IPOs of Japanese venture businesses and Japanese subsidiaries of U.S. companies at Nikko Securities (1988-1993).  Between 1991 and 1993, he designed the detailed structure of strategic partnership agreement between Oracle USA and Nippon Steel including an IPO plan of their joint venture, Oracle Japan.  Prior to investment banking days, he was working at Toyota group's trading company between 1983-1988 and in charge of exporting Toyota, Hino and Daihatsu vehicles to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.  With a distributor in each country, he developed marketing & sales campaign targeting migrant workers who earned foreign currency in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  He received a BA in Business & Commerce from Japan's esteemed Keio University (1983).  He received his MBA from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley (1995).  He is also a Charter Member of the Security Analyst' Association of Japan (since 1991).  He speaks English, Japanese and conversational Mandarin.

Alex Barkaloff, Senior Partner
Since 2002, Mr. Barkaloff has specialized in assisting Japanese IT companies (enterprise software and mobile technologies) in US entry.  He has 23 years of work and incubation experience in IT industry.  He is very good at incubating ventures in the wireless communications, enterprise software and media/entertainment space.  He has extensive contacts with US and European wireless technology companies such as Nokia, Sprint Nextel, Symbian, Nellymoser and others.  During the 1995-1998 timespan, he worked for Oracle as Senior Managers of Business Development and Global Operations.  He created the first globally unified sales and operations infrastructure for the Oracle Developer Program (ODP) and managed strategic accounts, including Documentum, OLAP vendors and ISDI (Prudential).  Between 1991-1994 timespan, managed the East Europe for the PSION, a global market leader in the field of mobile computing.  During the 1986-1991 timespan, he provided business consulting service in the Xerox's PC-based knowledgeware product, Tandy's GriD (pen technology) and the world's first commercialized data compression technology based on JPL's Hypercube massively parallel-processing effort as an independent consultant.  During the 1979-1985, he worked for NASA as an SE.  He received a B.A. of Economics degree from Willamette University.

Reno Marion, Senior Partner
Since 2002, Mr. Marioni has also specialized in assisting Japanese IT companies (enterprise software and mobile technologies) in US entry.  As an experienced entrepreneur, he also held executive-level product marketing and business development roles at other industry-leading companies such as Marimba, Infoscape, and Sun Microsystems where he managed and drove the creation and launch of several large Java and OS-related products including NeXTSTEP (now Apple Mac OS X), Solaris, Java products, and Castanet among others.  He was also a software engineer for the San Diego Supercomputer Center (NCSA).  Marioni won the 2004 Webby Award (Broadband) for PBS|POV as a coproducer and has occasionally written articles for WIRED on Digital Video/Media.  He is a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society in London.  He received a B.A. of Computer Science/Mathematics from UC San Diego.


Red Gillen
He is a founding Partner of Redrock Consultants. ( he has considerable experience in international marketing and payment solution development.  He worked as VP, Business Development at, a provider of foreign currency exchange rate web software.  At Visa International, as a Director in the Commercial Card Products Group, oversaw development and marketing of payment products for the B2B market.  His marketing skills are also drawn from his work experience at Coca-Cola and Panasonic - he has conducted business in the US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Australia.  He received his MBA from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley (1995).  He speaks Japanese and English.

Shinya Matsuoka
He joined PRAG as Senior Consultant in August, 1998 to evaluate client's technology. As a founder of Openwave Japan (formerly, he has spearhead Product & Service Definition and Development team for the last 7 years.  He locally lead developing scalable email server and MVNO enabling software centered for Japanese major mobile carriers and ISPs.  The most recent initiative includes leading the Rich Web initiative for its messaging portfolio.  During the March, 1995-July, 1998 timespan, he architected various media related software such as multi-user server software for games and chat, audio conferencing software, 3D animation streaming, and virtual chat space for interactive television at Silicon Graphics USA.  During the 1988-1992 timespan, he was working for Omron Corporation designing windowing system and various toolkit in their workstation business unit.  He got an MS of Computer Science from U.C. Santa Barbara (1994) and an MS in Physics from University of Tokyo (1983).  He speaks Japanese and English.


Hiroshi Nishikawa
Mr. Nishikawa has given marketing consulting services to many Japanese IT companies through his own consulting entity, Caminos Corporation ( in 1996.  Prior to his founding Caminos, during the 1968-1993 timespan, he worked for IBM Japan, where he was the first leader who introduced IBM Information Network and ROLM CBX to Japanese market.  At IBM Japan, he also played a leading role in developing Japanese banking settlement network system and further developed Time Division Multiplexer (TDM) with Mitsubishi Electric as OEM product.  After this telecom project, he incorporated a joint venture with Sumitomo Electric Industry to launch LAN system integration business.  He has deep knowledge not only about telecommunications but also about IBM legacy system, Client-Server software, IC, and multimedia products.  During 1993-1994, he worked for Oracle Japan, where he established alliances with Japanese manufacturers (such as Kyocera, Pioneer, Hitachi, Toshiba and others) for Video On Demand System based on Oracle Video Server and Oracle Media Object.  He received a B.A. of Economics from Japan's esteemed Sophia University.  He speaks Japanese and English.

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