A partial list of PRAG's direct investments and/or international strategic alliances PRAG arranged
US Companies

Archetype Interactive Corp- Developer of Internet-based, client-server based, 3D MUD (Multiple User Dimension) game (first title was "Meridian 59"). Archetype had proprietary very fast movable 3D engine across the Internet. PRAG's invested its own money in 20 % of the stake ownership (Second round financing, January, 1996). Mr. Miyagawa joined the board. Arranged licensing agreement with Fujitsu-Niftyserve in 1996. Two months later, Archetype got acquired by The 3DO. As a founding advisor, PRAG arranged second round preferred stock financing and licensing agreement with Dai Nippon Printing (the world's largest printing company) in April, 1997. PRAG helped both parties create a joint venture, Japan  (Dai Nippon Printing 83 %, USA 17 %) in 1998. On August 20, 1999, went public on the NASDAQ NMS (stock ticker: MYPT) and got acquired by United Airlines in 2001.

Access Authority (formerly TerraCom) US long distance callback service provider. Instead of focusing Japanese corporate customers (who are stick to the service level agreement than low prices), PRAG advised that the Japanese distributor dedicate to Japanese Brazilian migrant workers who are tightly knit one another and spend $ 150 a month on calling Brazil. At that time, Japan's PTTI was offering the most expensive calling rate in terms of calling to Brazil. Also advised that they create the call center where all sales and customer service agents are Brazilian and that they carefully follow up outstanding payment in order to decrease bad debts or prevent payment delay as far as possible. In one year since a launch in 1996, they acquired 20,000 customers and total annual sales in 1997 reached $ 36 million and kept this revenue size upto 1999.

The Big Network- Originally, it was an internet-based gaming aggregator and then refocused business model (after December, 1999) to revenue-sharing model based on live-chat technology.  This was being used at e-commerce and e-entertainment community portal sites. PRAG participated in Series A financing in 1998 and Draper Richards L.P further invested in April, 1999. PRAG also arranged licensing agreement with Takarajima, Japan's 6th largest publisher in 1999,  The Big Network was acquired by eUniverse, a network of entertainment focused commerce and community in August, 2000.  eUniverse was renamed to InterMix Media in 2003.  InterMix Media went public on AMEX in November, 2004 (stock ticker:MIX) and then was further acquired by Fox Interactive in 2005. B2B portal site among the US music industry business participants such as "branded" artists, tour agencies, sales promotion companies and music labels. PRAG secured $ 1.5 million Series B financing from TransCosmos America, a Japan-related venture capital in January, 2001.

Japanese companies 

Recent US Entry/Test Marketing projects for Japanese companies (2002 forward)

A Japanese public BI (Business Intelligence) software vendor: Conducted test marketing in the states and arranged a Pilot Program with Tenneco Automotive, a US auto parts manufacturer. (2004-2005)

A Japanese mobile related software developer. Conducted test marketing in the states.  (Exhibited products and technology at the trade shows and gave presentations at a few mobile tech forums; 2002-2005).  

Last, PRAG has been retained by Japanese big companies who are interested in acquiring US unique technology and business platform.  PRAG has conducted extensive market research on the potential US partners for a wide variety of Japanese established companies.  (1995-2006)

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