PRAG provides the following services to achieve client's goal and objectives:

Market research though "Test Marketing"
We extensively make some research on the market size, competitive advantage, barrier to entry, distribution channels, and short-and long-term risks.  In this research phase, we most value initial feedbacks from influential business and academic professionals in each country.  We give our client an opportunity of presenting its product & business model at the informal seminar where we invite professionals and opinion leaders in the related market space.   Such feedbacks helps us forge viable strategy and business model.

Forging entry strategy and Developing business model 
Based on the above market research, we work with clients to forge both an effective and efficient entry strategy including most preferred business model.  Each business model consists of one or a combination of the following alliance forms:

  • Distribution and reseller agreements
  • Technology licensing
  • OEM agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Make investment or take investment
PRAG recommends the business model most suitable for the growth stage both of client and targeting country's market.

Identifying Alliance Candidates
In order to realize the ideal business model, we identify, evaluate, and screen alliance candidates.  This process involves research of public information, analysis of PRAG's proprietary knowledge, and face-to-face meetings with managements of the candidates and interviews to influential professionals in the related business space.

Entering into Inter-Cultural Negotiation
We assist our client in creating a proposal to the candidates.  We are also deeply involved in the negotiations with these alliance candidates.  We attend almost all meetings with these prospects to assist the client in understanding key issues by "reading between the lines".

Raising Funds 
If the client seeks to obtain long-term equity investment or to be acquired by an overseas established company, we contact potential corporate investors, makes proposals, and negotiates the deal with a deep financial background. 

The duration of typical consulting project is usually 3-6 months.  PRAG's high quality contacts (with C's level executives such as CEO, COO, CTO, etc.), experience of both Japanese and US business practices, and its insightful analytical skills contribute to the closing the partnership agreement efficiently.  Our typical engagement is separated into three to four phases:

First Phase: Creating entry strategy and business model
Based on extensive market research through "test marketing"--including market size and growth rate, competitive advantage, potential entrants, etc.--PRAG proposes the most preferred business model and alliance form.

Second Phase: Implementing entry strategy and business model
During this second phase, PRAG identifies, evaluates, and screens potential partners.  PRAG introduces its client to executive level managers of all prospects.  We arrange a series of face-to-face meetings between US and Japanese principals.  We assist clients in understanding key cultural differences so that they can deliver effective presentations and address prospect's questions properly.
In the meeting consisting many engineers and scientists, we sometimes see both principals deeply dig into too much technical details but lose the bottom line; "how to jointly create a profitable business".  In such cases, PRAG never fails to get the subject back to the bottom line by reminding both parties of key issues to be resolved.

Third Phase: Monitoring
PRAG's client sometimes wants PRAG to keep monitoring a new venture's initial management phase.  After implementing the entry strategy, PRAG keeps on providing advisory service so that the client's new alliances can sustain smooth.  

Forth Phase. Running the overseas company by itself
In some cases, PRAG's management team newly creates a Japanese venture business by using US company's technology/business platform and operates this company by itself.

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